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Coaching Testimonials


"Lenka is the kind of instructor that makes you want to do your best" - Cassie, 16

"Lenka has been teaching me for a long time now, and I feel that her teaching has made me a better rider. Her teaching strategies are never boring and I learn something new every lesson. Overall, Lenka is a very welcoming person"- Cloey,14

"Lenka has taught me everything I know about horseback riding. I've gotten a lot better in my skills thanks to her. She is an amazing teacher and very kind. I enjoy when she wears her M&M hats in the winter, I particularly like the green one! Thank you so much Lenka, I really enjoy having you as an instructor" - Kaleigh, 16

"Best instructor ever!"- Andrea, 16

"Lenka is great at giving constructive criticism. My riding would not have improved as much as it has without it"-Symonae, 15

 "Lenka is definitely one of the best instructors I've had. I like that she doesn't baby us but she also never makes us feel bad. I've learned a lot since I've been in her lesson and she has the coolest M&M hats"- Hannah, 16
"I love having Lenka as a teacher. She's very open and easy to talk to. She doesn't baby us but she also never pushes us past what we are comfortable doing"- Samantha, 16

"Always fun to learn with. Lessons are never dull. Lenka is my favorite instRuctor!"

- Tori, 16


"I started riding a few years ago, after only doing some camps in my childhood. I didn't remember how scared I was until I was back in the saddle.  After trying several local places, I wasn't having much luck finding a coach to make me feel comfortable, and I thought I would have to give it up.  Until I met Lenka. She is not only extremely knowledgeable  about horses and riding, but also patient and recognizes a rider's limits. 


The love of horses and riding started returning to me, and I couldn't wait for my next lesson! Lenka was flexible with my schedule and would even make time to add extra lessons when available! I love that she could tell when I was scared to try something new, but would talk me through it and give detailed instructions and direction. I'm very grateful for her patience and assistance over the years for me to achieve my goals to become a better rider!"

- Emma, 27

"Lenka is my favorite instructor. I like how she knows what I can and can't handle and she doesn't make me feel bad if I can't do something or if I mess up"- Beth, 14
"Lenka is always in a positive manner and happy! She is very understanding when I make a mistake and tells me what I need to improve on when I do the exercise again. Lenka is always smiling and has made me into the rider I am today. It's always a fun and very positive experience when she is teaching! Best instructor I have ever had!!"

- Raychel, 16
"Always learn something new/improve on technique. Lenka has definitely improved me as a rider! Best instructor that I have personally ever had!"- Mackenzie, 14

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