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Dressage Horse

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment for a 1 hour private horseback riding lesson? ​

There are a few options for booking a 1 hour private lesson.  Quite often when we are in the barn, we have a horse in our hands and we can't run to the phone on time, or we may be in the arena training horses. The best way is to send an email to with a list of days and times that would work for your 1 hour private lesson.  Then someone will get back to with a confirmation of date and time based on the few options that you provided to us.


More information about the month long introduction to horses program is listed below


​​​How far in advance do I need to book my lesson?​

Generally, 48 hours notice is needed to book a lesson during the week, and 2 weeks notice is recommended to book a lesson on the weekend.  The weekends are busy with regularly scheduled lessons and there are a limited number of spots for private lessons, which fill up quickly.  You may put your name on a waiting list to fill any last minute cancellations for the weekends.​

What is needed to book the lesson?​

When you send an email with the list of dates and times that you are available for a lesson, also provide the following information:

  • Age of rider

  • Height of rider

  • Weight of rider

  • Level of riding experience (write none, if none)

  • Provide the voucher code number if you have purchased your lesson through a discount website or full payment (which includes a non-refundable booking fee of $30.00 no matter how much notice is given to cancel the lesson without re-booking).​

What methods of payment are accepted?​

You can pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer. Full payment must be received before the lesson.​

Is there a cancellation policy?​

Yes, 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change a private lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be eligible for a refund. Lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice but not re-booked will be eligible for a refund less the $30 booking fee.​

What do I need to wear?​

Riders must wear long pants and boots with a small heel. Rubber rain boots are fine as long as they have a small heel.  Riders will absolutely NOT be able to ride without long pants and boots with a small heel. No running shoes. No exceptions.

Is it outdoors?​

During the milder months during daylight hours, lessons will be held in the outdoor sand ring. There is no shade in the ring, so wear sun screen!

In inclement weather and during the winter months, lessons will take place in the indoor area. It is well-light and it is sheltered from the wind and precipitation, however, it is similar to the temperature outside. If it is cold outside, it will only be a few degrees warmer in the arena. If it is hot outside, it may be a few degrees cooler inside. Dress for the weather! Wear layers, thick socks, and gloves in the winter.

Do I need my own helmet?​

There are helmets available to borrow at no charge. If you borrow any equipment, please ensure your sanitize it after your lesson.​


Do you offer trail riding?​

The farm has beautiful trails available for boarders, part boarders and advanced students.  Beginner riders may occasionally be taken out for a walk, weather dependent, however the bulk of the lesson is done in a riding ring.​

Check out our social media pages for updates on off-property trail ride dates!

What will I learn in the lesson?

The private lessons are geared towards people of all ages that have never been on a horse before. You will spend time in the barn learning how to groom your horse properly with a set of 3 different brushes that are each designed for special purpose for the horse's coat.  The time spent grooming gives you time to get to know your horse before you ride, and it helps get rid of some of the fear or nervousness you might have before riding.

You will then have a structured riding lesson where you will learn how to ask your horse to walk, stop and steer. You will learn the bio mechanics of how to comfortably move with your horse while they trot. You will practice this motion at the walk, and the brave will even get to try it while the horse is trotting!


If you have previous riding experience, you can still book a private lesson! Please be sure to tell us and we will cater the lesson and a horse to your skill level!​

Should I come early?

It is best to show up 5-10 minutes early to fill out the liability waiver and to allow time to find a helmet that fits you properly, without cutting in to your lesson time.​

What kind of horses do you have?​

The horses that are used are all different breeds and come from various backgrounds of English riding, but are tried and true and have earned their stay with the LEC program. The horses selected for the lesson are fitted to the size of the rider. 

Can I bring guests to watch?​

Absolutley! The outdoor ring has a shady area and there is a comfortable viewing lounge attached to the indoor arena for guests to watch.​

What are you located?

The address is 750 Concession 8 W, Hamilton. Some GPS maps will pin us

in Dundas, but we're actually in Flamborough (both are part of Hamilton).

To reach the farm: If you're heading north on Highway 6 (from the 403),

ake a left onto Concession 8 W and the driveway will be on your left

(halfway up the hill). If you're heading south on Highway 6 (from the 401),

make a right onto Concession 8 W and the driveway will be on your left

(halfway up the hill). It is a shared driveway with two other houses.


Drive past the two houses to reach the property. It is a long narrow driveway so please drive slow! Drive past the house and the barn to the roomy parking lot. To access the barn, follow the driveway back towards to the house and around the barn. The entrance is by the blue and brown feeding shed and the viewing room.


I have purchased a coupon for a month long introduction to horses program, now what?

The month long introduction to horses program runs on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm or Saturday afternoons from 1-2:30 pm.  You must pick one day to join, either Wednesday or Saturday. You may not flip flop back and forth between the two days because the lessons usually fill up and there is no extra space.

​Send an email to to check for availability.  The program tends to book up one month in advance ie) if you are calling in mid to late September, the next available spot may not be until November. ​Once you have confirmed your spot, all the other FAQ's regarding what to wear and how to register will apply.


What happens if I miss one lesson out of the month long program?

Unfortunately, there are no make-up lessons available for this program.  The program starts on the first Wednesday and first Saturday of the month and runs for 4 weeks straight. Please be sure that you are available for all 4 weeks before booking yourself into the month long program.


**Note: Some months have 5 Wednesday or 5 Saturdays. When that is the case, be sure to confirm exactly which 4 out of the 5 days the program will be running.**

​​Lessons will be cancelled and rescheduled in snow storms causing dangerous driving conditions.


​​What will I learn in the introduction to horses program?​

The introduction to horses program is for riders that have never ridden before! If you have taken horseback riding lessons, you will find this program too basic.​


You will learn all the basics of horse body language and safety around the horses. You will learn how to properly use all 3 horse brushes and grooming tips. You will learn how to care for the horse's feet and treat foot diseases. You will learn how to tack up your horse with English tack. You will learn how to ride at the walk and trot.​


What should I do if my question wasn't answered?

If your question wasn't answered here, please contact us at email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.​​​​​​​​

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