Many price options are available for horseback riding lessons at Lenka Equestrian Centre. Programs and pricing is listed below for riders 8 years and up (unless noted otherwise). All prices subject to HST.


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Price list as of July 1st, 2019


  • Private                      

    • 1 hour       $255.00 monthly rate

    • 1 hou​​r        $80.00 drop in rate

    • ​30 min      $165.00 monthly rate

    • 30 min       $50.00 drop in rate


  • Semi- private           

    • 1 hour        $190.00 monthly rate

    • 1 hour        $55.00 drop in rate


  • Group                       

    • 1 month             1 hour        $160.00 Drop in not available.

    • 3 months           1 hour        $480.00. Includes one free practice ride, $30 value.




Busy Bee Program                              $345 for 30 min or $580 for 1 hour


This program is available to riders who want to take lessons on a regular basis, but due to a busy work/life schedule, they cannot commit to a set weekly lesson time.  This program consists of 10 private lessons, either 30 minutes or 1 hour.  The 10 lessons may be taken any time within a 4 month period. After the 4 months, the lessons will expire. For example, if you have availability week one and wish to ride 3 times but then are not available the following week, and can't ride at all, that's OK! This program is for you! This program is not available for weekend lessons. Riders in this program must be available for lessons Monday - Friday, with mainly daytime availability. This is the perfect program for horseback riding enthusiasts with a shift work schedule, or students in post secondary education programs.


Riders that are interested in more serious competitive riding should consider the show part board or leasing options!



Introduction to Horses Program                       $155.00


This program is designed for riders that have never taken any formal English riding lessons before. This program will take riders through the step-by-step process of grooming and tacking up the horse for the lesson and well as untacking and properly putting their horse away after the lesson. Riders will also learn general safety when handling their horse as well as basic care and treatment of horse health!


This is a 1 month program that consists of 4 weekly, 1.5 hour lessons (approximately 45 minutes in the barn and 45 minutes riding). By the end of the month *most* riders can expect to be able to groom, tack up, and ride at the walk and posting trot!


Offered to riders 8 years and up and available year round!

*Variability may exist between riders based on confidence levels and previous experience.



Equine Canada Rider Levels Program        


This program runs every year as a March Break camp crash course. Any adult riders that are interested in taking their EC Rider Level exam, please inquire for an adults only weekend crash course.


This program is designed to prepare students for the Equine Canada rider level examination, which consists of a written test, a stable management test, and a riding test by an outside Equine Canada Certified examiner. It is currently available to students aged 8 years and older who would like to receive the Equine Canada rider level certification up to level 6.  It is recommended that riders have at least 1 year of professional English riding lessons with a certified EC coach before enrolling in this program.


Upon completion of the course, an outside certified examiner will come to the farm to conduct the exam and score the riders. If the riders pass, they will receive a certificate and a badge from Equine Canada! The riders will then be able to proceed on to the next level.


More information from Equine Canada is available here



Kids <3 Ponies! Program                                  $110


This program is available all-year long to kids aged 4-7 years old who want to explore their young interest in horses and grow their passion while developing a new skill.


The program consists of 4 weekly 30 minute lessons. Approximately 15 minutes is spent in the barn brushing and petting the pony, which builds the child's confidence and comfort around the pony.  Approximately 15 minutes is spent in a riding lesson learning new skills and playing fun games. Typically, this is enough time before the young child starts to get fatigued.

This program is available at an introductory price for one month to see how interested the child is. If the child would like to continue in this program after the first month, the price increases to $135 per month. 

Once the child is comfortable, confident and strong enough, the child may switch to a full 30 minute riding lesson.

A parent or guardian must be present at all times during the lesson.



Practice Rides                                                $30


Practice rides are available to current students of L.E.C. that are taking at least one lesson per week. It is an opportunity for riders to rent a horse for a 1 hour ride and get some extra practice, outside of their regularly scheduled lesson!

Riders must be able to confidently tack up and mount without coach supervision and must be riding at EC Rider Level 2 in order to qualify for practice rides. 


The riders are able to practice techniques from their lesson that need improvement, but are limited to flat work only (no jumping without a coach). All riders under 19 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian.  





Volunteer Program                                          FREE!


This program is available to current students at L.E.C. who need volunteer hours for school or any other programs!


Volunteering is available year round for as many days or hours as the student needs! Volunteering duties would include barn work, horse care, helping young students tacking up the horses for lessons, or assisting the coach in lessons with beginner students.


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