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Welcome Pumba!

Lenka Radomil

Jul 13, 2021

Meet the New LEC Mascot

As I am sure everyone has noticed, there is a pig wandering around the property. 'Pumba' is now the LEC mascot and my new pet!

He kind of just hangs around, sniffs things, finds things to eat, and occassionally has pig zoomies in the arena. He loves rolling in mud on a hot day and sitting in one of his many pools.

But, now that Pumba is here with us, WATCH where you put your horse treats , or any food in general! Pumba's nose is top notch, which means he will find any goodies that leave within his reach. The safest place to store your items while you are riding is in the viewing room. I will clear some space for your belongings to be stored while you are riding. This will help keep the barn tidy as well.

Pumba is a very sweet and friendly pig, but he doesn't like it when you are loud or run up behind him. If would like to pet Pumba, crouch down and let him come to you.

If you notice him in the barn, getting into things that he shouldn't try to lure him away with a treat, rather than trying to push him out. If you try to move him, 1 - he is heavy!, 2 - he will squeal, make a big fuss and if upset, may snap at you. If needed, please come find me and I will help get him out or put safe into a stall.

Welcome Pumba to the LEC family! He has certainly made himself feel at home.

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