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Adopt a Mini

Lenka Radomil

Feb 16, 2022

Introducing a New Program for Miniature Horse Lovers

It has come to my attention that the minis do not get enough attention :-(

I had to remedy that asap! We are excited to introduce the "Adopt-a-Mini" program, which is basically part-boarding an LEC mini horse of your choice.

The part-boarder will have 2 days per week to come out and spend time with a mini horse. You can take the mini out of their paddock, for a walk in the ring, driveway (weather permitting), arena, or bring them into the barn to groom and spoil them with treats and cuddles!

The fee is $50 per month/part-boarder. This fee will help cover the cost of mini feed, hoof trimming, deworming and other routine manitenance.

Talk to Lenka for more information and to find out which minis are available!

Know anyone with a birthday, special occasion, or holiday coming up?! ;-) Give the gift of an experience making memories!

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