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2022 Annual In-House Christmas Show

Lenka Radomil

Dec 16, 2022

Congratulations to all of the riders on a very successful Christmas in-house horse show

Everyone looked amazing and I loved the Christmas spirit!

I would like to acknowledge the champions of each division (off the top of my head 😬)

  • Adult walk/trot - Emily and Addie

  • Adult WTC X - Gabby and Ruby

  • Nutcracker- Nela and Breezy

  • Junior WT 1 - Maeve and Daisy

  • Junior WT 2 - Stella and Strider

  • Junior WTC X - Javier and Maple

Also, our L.E.C. most improved rider for 2022 was Stella!!!!

If you missed the announcements, I am planning to hold another "spring fling" in-house horse show in spring of 2023 and then combining points with the 2023 Xmas show for a year end Champion prize. Seems like there is lots of interest in this!!

Lastly, tomorrow (Saturday Dec 17) will be the last day to bid on the silent auction. If there is anything you are fighting for, you can send me a message to see if you are the highest bidder!

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