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Children's Hunter, 2000

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Trillium large ponies, 1994

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First ride, 1985



Lenka Equestrian Centre is a premier equestrian facility located in the beautiful town of Flamborough, ON.  LEC offers horseback riding lessons on top-quality school horses with fun and effective coaching. LEC also offers boarding, training and sales!


About Lenka Equestrian Centre


Lenka has been in horses for over 30 years. It was evident right from the very first time she sat on a pony that horseback riding was going to be a life-long love.  Lenka started at a riding school where she would spend from 8 am to 5 pm on weekends and holidays riding all the naughty school horses and ponies that none of the other students wanted to ride. At age 11, Lenka got her first pony and started competing in the large pony division on the Trillium circuit.  Throughout her junior years, Lenka was consistently top of the class in the Equitation and Medal classes, most notably, finishing as the 1998 year-end Champion in the Rider's Habit Pony Medal division. Lenka then moved on from ponies to horses and finished off her junior years riding in the Children's Hunter and Junior Hunter divisions under many reputable Trillium and A Circuit coaches.


Lenka's focus then switched to training and education, for both the horses and herself! Lenka successfully completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture- Animal Science in 2007 at the University of Guelph. She then furthered her education by completing a Masters of Science in Agriculture in 2010.  Lenka's Master's project researched the effects of feeding flaxseed (omega-3 fatty acids) on the reproductive health of sperm cells, combining Lenka's two main interests: animal breeding and animal nutrition.  Lenka brings this education forward when caring for horses, ensuring that all the nutritional needs of the horses are met during any life stage, from weanling to heavy competitive training.



Lenka Radomil