Christmas Horse Show 2019

Every year we have a Christmas Horse Show for all current riders at LEC where we bring in a judge and have a lot of fun! This year the show will take place on December 8th. There is something for everyone! Sign up sheet is in the viewing room. Please make sure you sign up by November 17th.

Class list:

Division 1 - Jingle Bells

  1. Leadline - walk

  2. Leadline - walk/trot

  3. Leadline - walk/trot/2 point @ walk

Division 2 - Snowman

  1. Walk/trot Equitation

  2. Walk/trot Commands

  3. Walk/trot/trot poles

Division 3 - Candy Cane

  1. Walk/trot/equitation

  2. Walk/trot/canter one @ a time

  3. Walk/trot/course

Division 4 - Snowflake

  1. Walk/trot/canter equitation

  2. Walk/trot/canter course

  3. Walk/trot/canter/jump single x

Division 5 - Mistletoe (Adult division)

  1. Walk/trot Equitation

  2. Walk/trot/trot poles

  3. Walk/trot course

Division 6 - Eggnog (Adult division)

  1. Walk/trot/canter equitation

  2. Walk/trot/canter course

  3. Walk/trot/canter/2pt over poles or x

Division 7 - Nutcracker (Open, any age)

  1. Walk/trot/canter Equitation on the flat

  2. Course 1 - Hunter

  3. Course 2 - Equitation

Registration information:

  1. To register for the show, sign up with the rider's name, division, and top 2 horse choices. Payment must be received before the closing date to secure a spot in the show.

  2. Riders must be enrolled in December lessons to participate in the show. This is a show for LEC riders only!

  3. Top 2 horse choice does not guarantee that you will get the horse of your choice, but I will try very hard to get everyone on their favourite. Only part board boarders are guaranteed their first choice horse.

  4. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the expected start time of your division to get your horse ready.

  5. Horse/rider list and approximate start times will be posted closer to the show date.

  6. Braiding is required! Horses must be clean and well turned out. Tack must be clean. Saddle pads must be clean!

  7. Formal attire for the riders is not required. Dress clean, neat, and WARM!

  8. After you have competed, it would be great if you stay and cheer on the rest of the riders, but you are not required to stay (as long as you have cleaned up after yourself.)

  9. Courses will be posted the day of the show so everyone gets a fair chance.

  10. Friends, family, and spectators are more than welcome to come watch the show!!

  11. Entrance fee is $20 per class, $55 per division.

  12. Closing date to enter for the horse show is November 17th, 2019.

  13. Some divisions may have a cap on number of entrants based on horse availability. First come, first serve.

  14. Any level of rider can participate! There is a class to suit all!